Sunday, November 20, 2005

Denon DVD-A1XV 1080i Player Can be Upgraded to 1080p

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In contrast to Denon DVD-A1XVA DVD player, Denon DVD-A1XV does not support 1080p output out of the box despite using a DVDO chip that actually can output full HD. Basically, both DVD players are the same except first can do up to 1080p and second up to 1080i. Good news is that Denon announced a firmware upgrade that will utilize DVDO chip's 1080p capability. The bad news is you got to shell out 35000 Yen ( about $264 ) and be apart from your new toy for a week. I don't know if paying for shipping is included but I doubt. Denon started the upgrade program in Japan in November 2005. I assume they will go globe wide as soon as firmware proves to be free of major bugs. The program will be available through end of May of 2006 - I think that's when Denon estimates already shipped DVD-A1XV will be sold out. There will be no more 1080i in the wild afterwards.

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Source: Denon Japan

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