Monday, October 17, 2005

Onkyo iPod Nano Adapter for DS-A1

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Onkyo DS-A1 iPod Dock
Onkyo says that DS-A1 iPod dock is technically compatible with iPod Nano because the connector is the same as with other iPods but, blaming nanosizing, Nano will be unstable when plugged in and will probably fall down and scratch itself. ok, they did not say the falling and scratching part but to solve the problem Onkyo came up with an adapter and will generously mail it for free to everyone who provides a right serial number at The little piece is basically an extension to the existing rounded soft pad that your non-Nano iPod rests. Japan's Nano/DS-A1 owners will start getting their adapters starting middle of November while the rest of the world will watch how their Nanos shake in the cradle. DIY solution for the time being is to put some white cushions around.

Onkyo iPod Nano Adapter for DS-A1 Dock
Source: Onkyo Japan

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