Thursday, October 20, 2005

Denon DHT-S7000 Wireless Home Theater System

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I am not a big fan of packaged Home Theater systems but this one caught my attention. As far as I care boxed HT systems should offer convenience in setup and use, with an acceptable quality. Denon goes beyond my expectations with their new DHT-S7000 system by offering a system with wireless speakers. No one wants cables laying around. However, Denon goes all the way with the warning that people with 2.4 GHz phones, WiFi, etc should expect some noise once in a while when the other equipment is in "active state". But who cares: if I am out there buying an HT package I will go for convenience all the way regardless of some noise as long as it is not constant. I might even purchase a 5.8 GHz phone just for the convenience of wireless speakers. And with DHT-S7000 Denon might be a hit.
There are few great things about the AVC-S7000 amplifier - it can work in 2.1, 3.1 Dolby Virtual Speaker that simulates surround sound. That makes me believe that you have an option to purchase only speakers that you want. Sounds meaningful for Japanese apartment. The headphone jack is capable of Dolby Headphone virtual surround sound and to top all of this you can plug your iPod into analog mini-jack. No digital connection and no control but still is great to have option.
And one more thing, there is another system Denon is announcing with DHT-7000, DHT-M370 which is not wireless and comes with a smaller receiver either in silver and "wood grained" colors and will be available at the end of October in Japan only. You can find the details on Denon's website. DHT-7000 ships in Japan sometimes mid November with pricing to be determined.

Source: Denon Japan

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