Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Eminent Tech TRW 17 - Down to 1Hz Sub

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Yep, it is true - subwoofer looking like a fan and can go down 1Hz. You can't hear it but you will feel it. Neighbors will feel it too but can't call police since there is no noise per say. TRW 17 is priced at $12900. SonicFlare's Josh Ray has spoken to Bruce Thigpen of Eminent Technology who said that company will try to reduce the price to something reasonable.
The subwoofer does not look as an orthodox box as we know but but is a fan. As SonicFlare describes:
TRW 17 creates a gigantic cone of air with the fins swiveling to modulate frequency. And whereas traditional subwoofers compress the air inside of a box to create the deep bass, the TRW 17 compresses a different box...your entire freakin room.
Basically, this super sub has to be installed in a special manner ( you can see pics at SonicFlare ) where it firing down to a "ventilation pipe" that goes into the room. And not just your room, but there is a rumor that car version is coming so you can blast your windows to show power.

Source: SonicFlare

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