Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Saitek Wireless Streaming Speaker

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Saitek A250 Wireless Streaming Speaker
Saitek has a wireless hifi speaker that includes a bluetooth receiver and can stream music from your PC anywhere in the house. The one piece speaker is recognized by Windows as a wireless headphone and does not require any 3-rd party driver to function. Here is the list of highlights from Saitek:
  • True digital 2.1 stereo delivered through two tweeters and a sub-woofer (RMS)
  • Neodymium speaker technology with active crossover boosts bass clarity and reduces noise for outstanding audio response
  • LCD display and volume, play, skip, back, pause and stop buttons to control your PC
  • Reliable high-quality wireless link receives and controls audio within 30m range
  • Wireless connection to PC only (requires Windows 2000/XP)
  • Connect to MP3, CD and portable media players via 3.5mm jack audio cable (provided)
  • Plays for up to 24hrs with 4 x AA batteries (not included ) , AC adapter included
Given the $129 price tag - it is a good piece to have in the kitchen or outdoors in the backyard. Don't you wish they made a waterproof one so you could use it next to the pool?

Source: eHomeUpgrade
Product page: Saitek

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