Tuesday, November 01, 2005

AOpen miniPC Ships this Month

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AOpen miniPC
AOpen miniPC looks like a Mac Mini from front and back but stuffs a Pentium M ( 2.26 MHz ) processor and would be a choice for a home theater PC for many. Mainly because it has a DVI, component ( YPrPb ), and S-Video outputs. Also, the base configuration is on the budget side priced at $399 with Linspire ( Linux based ) or $499 with Windows. The miniPC also has a slot loading DVD-burner, 2-USB ports, on-board Ethernet. Optionally, you can purchase a wireless adapter which in fact is not an external device but will be built-in as a Mini-PCI card. Since MacMini has gotten so much attention as a HTPC and Car Computer, AOpen will just be the continuation of the same but on the Intel platform. I, for one, would like one of these in my car and bedroom. Cause they are cheap.

Source: Engadget

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