Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Where's the Remote?

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Eternal problem, isn't it? Even if you have single super all-in-remote - you still lose it. There is a solution to the problem. Annoyance. Similar to a wife bitching about toilet seat. "You will do it or else..." type of solution from Prism in a form that looks like a remote holder that looks like a charger. Once remote removed from this "bucket" it start annoying you asking to put the remote back. Prism has those mean demands on their website - check it out - you'll see what I am saying. The device has an option for a "shut-up" mode where demands are replaced with beeping for those who are on Prozac or just got divorced. Oh, yeah, and the name of this gadget is not surprisingly "Where's the remote?". One suggestion with the design, for those who have multiple remotes, such as Darryl Wilkinson of Home Theater Magazine, manufacturer should come up with a way of making them smart enough so devices can elect a tribe leader who will act as a speaker of/in the house. But then comes a need for constitution ( ok, call it a protocol ). Ahh, forget it.

Source: Home Theater Magazine

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