Friday, February 10, 2006

Shure E4 Review

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Shure's earphones have gained popularity among iPod owners as a better alternative to Apple's own, recently sued, pair of earphones. Not offering a color choices to match the clothes, it does not spoil Shure's earnings to rise the same way as their E4's impedance rises at 15Khz as the tests at Audiophile Audition reveal. Besides the sharp rise of impedance at higher frequencies, reviewer is pretty happy with E4. Here is an excerpt from the article that pretty much says it all:
More recently my plane seat was right next to the large jet engine on an MD-80 and I had to rely on the E4 earphones to not only block out the majority of the noise, but to also provide me with high quality audio from my portable Neuros digital audio player. It's no wonder why these earphones work so well with performers on stage where its audio performance finds its way through the loud background noise.
And note that this review is coming from an audiophile and not a hip-hop listener.
Shure E4 can be purchased at Amazon for $299, $20 less than MSRP.

Source: Audiophile Audition

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