Tuesday, February 07, 2006

IBM Wireless HDTV?

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IBM reported on a prototype chip that is capable of transmitting data at 630 Mbit/s over 10 meters ( about 30 feet ) on a 60 GHz unlicensed frequency and is to compete with Ultra Wide Band (UWB). IBM's technology is built to conform to IEEE 802.15.3c referred by the company as millimeter wave or mmWave. From the PCMag article's title it sounds that IBM is shooting for an HDTV but there is no mention of tests or intentions to do so. Although theoretically it would be possible to transmit compressed HDTV over 630 Mbit/s there is a better technology from a startup Amimon - WHDI that has been demonstrated at CES 2006 and is capable of 1.5 Gbit/s which means uncompressed HDTV. This is where in my opinion is the bang for the buck.

Source: PCMagazine
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