Thursday, January 19, 2006

LED Light Source - Revisited

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Apparently, Samsung was not the only company at CES to present a DLP display with LED light source. Akai and Sanyo have had their share of a show but without bells and whistles of a press release so I missed it. Thanks to people at Audioholics for the coverage. According to them Sanyo's prototype LED DLP rear projector and according to Audioholics:
... boasted a high quality, wide color gamut that exceeded NTSC color values by an average of 120% for red, green and blue - resulting in an exceptionally well-saturated picture (the perception was one of oversaturation at times since we're not used to seeing this much color in a display).
The best part of Sanyo's LED technology besides the missing color wheel and no warm up times, is the "no lamp replacement" policy since LED would be good for the life of the product.
Akai demonstrated a native 1080p DLP LED TVs - PT-52DL27L 52-incher and PT-46DV27L 46-incher that will be available in March and May of this year.


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