Thursday, January 19, 2006

Gefen Fiber-Optics DVI / HDMI Cables

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Gefen announces new DVI and HDMI All-Fiber cables. Obviously, with fiber-optics cable there is no interference and what will come out on the other end is basically the same as what enter the input with no change in quality. With copper cable, the higher the frequency the shorter is the distance signal will travel without visible distortion. Running a fiber cable is also much easier due to its miniature sizes ( connector and the cable itself ). But all this goodness does not come cheap. Fiber-optics cable will make you shell out more than you can expect even with balancing in 150ft worth of copper DVI or HDMI cables and couple of repeaters. With that in mind, Gefen is not marketing its All-Fiber cables for home theaters. Rather they mainly shoot for a government or medical contract but are not against sales to businesses and studios. So, to wrap this up, let me mention that the pricing starts at $399 for a 33ft and hits the sky for the 300ft at $2078. Gefen also sells extender for fiber cables to run it right around the block up to 1640ft.

Source: eCoustics

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