Monday, January 16, 2006

Pathos Endorphin CD player

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Pathos Acoustics is an Italian company specializing in high end audio obviously by usage of tubes. The latest product to come out is named in a bit an unorthodox manner - Endorphin. Seems like Pfizer expanding into audio market. But there is an explanation what Endorhpin is:
Endorphin is a neurochemical occurring naturally in the human brain. It promotes more dopamine to be released, providing feelings of enjoyment and pleasure.
The same enjoyment and pleasure as you can now experience when playing your favorite music with Pathos' newest CD player Endorphin™.
The tech specs are top notch: Endorphin uses dual, fully balanced tube, class A zero feedback analog output that is preceded by dual differential 24-bit delta-sigma DACs with conversion rate of up to 192Kz. Dynamic range is 120Db with THD of -100Db. Output connectors give you a choice of a pair of balanced XLRs or pair of RCA, or SPDIF digital coax or optical. This beauty is expected in April for 4500 Euro ( about $5454).

Source: AVReview UK
Product Page: Pathos Endorphin

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