Saturday, January 07, 2006

All-Channel Recording

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Last year Promise of UK showed off a prototype of a HTPC device that would record a month of programming on 3.2 terabyte of storage. At the moment, as you can imagine, storage is the bottleneck in such endeavor thus the technology of all-channel recording is expected to be a fact of life by 2010. Sharp announced a system capable of recording 2 channel HDTV. With all channel recording, brain-dead people like me will have one less problem to worry about. But wait, this will introduce another problem: too many of programs that will make brain-dead people like me very confused. I think it is about time for Google to start making PVR Searching software.
The article at Nikkei Electronics goes over storage size vs bandwidth and comrepssion ratios calculations and I suggest you take some time to read.

Sources: HDBeat, eHomeUpgrade

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