Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Denon AVR-5805 Review Roundup

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AVR-5805 is the flagship AV Receiver from Denon that does not really have a competitive component from any rival. This top of the line monster is packed with every feature AV Receiver can possibly offer. It makes me think that it offers too much for the brain to actually remember and use. Of course, you got to pay the price - $6000 ( street/internet price is a K and a half less if you are ok with it ) for the device and couple of hundreds for delivery of this 97 pound beast. Make sure it is delivered to where it is going to be setup. You do not want back problems.
AVR5805 features Faroudja DCDi video processing that upscales up to 1080i. It sports all possible video inputs and outputs including DVI, HDMI, and FireWire.
Audio "department" of AVR-5805 consist of 10 170 Watt ( 20Hz-20Khz, 8 Ohm ,0.05% THD ) amplifiers that can power 2 separate 5.1 channel setups or do 9.3 surround sound. Analog sound is converted from digital domain by high-quality Burr-Brown PCM-1792 24-bit/192 KHz DACs with prior upsampling to 24bit by Denon's very own AL24 technology.
One of the best features of AVR-5805 is Audyssey MultiEQ XT room correction that has been praised many times by almost every review.
So, if you got the money - here is the list of "homework" assignments that you must read before pulling the trigger:

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