Wednesday, December 21, 2005

NeoDigits HVD2085 1080p DVD Player Review

This site has moved to has very thorough review of NeoDigits HVD2085 DVD player. This one can upscale up to 1080p and has loads of outputs including HDMI and, in case you want to use your CRT monitor from old days, a VGA connector. One of the things that catches the attention is it can play NeoDigits own 720p high-def DVDs. Apparently, the company made this player go beyond the standards ( not video but recording ) and play proprietary DVDs. One of the low points is that MPEG4, DivX, and XVid are not recognized which is not what you expect from a component that was just released. Anyways, read the review and decide for yourself. I'd say again it is thorough. And the price is $245 just in case you decide to buy.


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Posted by Mike at 8:57 PM

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