Monday, December 19, 2005

Pioneer PDP-4360HD Review

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CNET reviews Pioneer PDP-4360HD 42-inch 1024x768 plasma display scoring 8.0 out of 10 which as excellent rate by their system. One thing I was most interested when Pioneer announced these displays was 3:3 pull-down for film sources. Here is what CNET review says about it:

The video processing was decent, with 2:3 pull-down evident in the Standard setting of the Pure Cinema feature. The Advanced setting gives you 3:3 pull-down at 72Hz in an attempt to smooth the "jutter" that 2:3 pull-down from film transfers otherwise preserves. While we found it did indeed smooth the jerky motion on the opening pan of Star Trek: Insurrection, stationary objects, such as the buildings in the scene, became shaky and vibrated a bit. We found the standard 2:3 pull-down setting preferable. In fairness to Pioneer, the company literally pioneered this feature, and it has improved since last year, but in our opinion it's still not quite ready for prime time.
Street price of the display ranges from $3100 to $3500 and is a bit over the range of similar products, especially Panasonic.

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