Thursday, December 08, 2005

Denon AVR-4806 Review

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AV Revolution has a very detailed review of Denon's AVR-4806 7-channel THX Ultra 2 certified receiver. AVR4806 is one step below Denon's flagship AVR-5805. Even though being not a top-of-the line, this receiver is, according to the author, can easily be compared with flagships of other manufacturers. The review covers details of setup, including automatic calibration ( MultiEQ ) with very positive results that very similar to manual calibration. In my opinion auto room correction with this quality is a very big advantage. Author also talks about his experience in listening to stereo as well as 5.1 channel surround sound. He does seem excited about the whole thing. And since all products have problems, review does tell you about problems AVR-4806 but they are not of the sort that would make anyone not to buy this receiver. Namely, big size of the component and the fact that it gets warm, too many inputs/outputs can cause lots of confusions and mess with cables, etc. I think those are problems that can be taken under the control especially after being warned by this review.

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