Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Cambridge Audio Azur 640H Review

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Cambridge Audio Azur 640H is a CD player with a 160Gb hard drive. The device is priced at £600 ( about $1050 ) and is not just for regular listeners but will please audiophiles as well. 640H can store up to 30000 tracks of compressed music or 3000 uncompressed variants. It features Wolfson WM8740 24/192kHz DACs that, I am sure, will please audiophiles. The Azur 640H is a very connected device with ethernet and 3 USB ports. It can download or stream music from internet, retrieve album information for the CD. USB ports allow transferring music to and from portable audio players and external hard drives. In addition, you can burn your own compilation from the hard disk to the CD.
According to AVReview UK, 640H is an amazing piece that is perfect for CD playback, has a very intuitive and powerful database. Overall, this is a great device and once used one would rely on it. Although, as AVReview notes, there are some problems in the software but they are not stop-shows. After all, I think software always can be fixed and updated.

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