Friday, December 02, 2005

Flat HDMI and DVI cables

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Wireworld has a 4mm flat HDMI and DVI cables that claimed to reach 50-feet and are UL-C3 and CSA-FT4 rated. The company claims that flat cables eliminate timing errors cause by conductor length differential in round cables. What a great non-sense. There could be a differential but timing error caused would be in fractions of a nanosecond.
Price for the 50-feet cable - $2100. For $2100 I will be happy to look at timing errors. And how easy will it be to do a in-wall install of a flat cable. At least this company could say "under carpet install or even on-wall install" to win our hearts. And bring the price down.

Source: HDBeat

Posted by Mike at 10:07 AM

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