Sunday, November 27, 2005

LG LRM-519 HDD / DVD Recorder with Microsoft Program Guide

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As if Tivo's grief with DirecTV was not enough, one more stab in the back is from LG-Microsoft camp with introduction of a LRM-519 HDD / DVD Recorder that runs on Microsoft DVR platform with program guide. The 160GB recorder is priced at $600 which does not include Microsoft Program Guide subscription fees: $9.99 if paid monthly, $99.99 - annually, or $249 lifetime and until March 1 of 2006 Microsoft will rebate $100 from the lifetime service. LG is bragging that guide service is still a savings compared to Tivo - some 36 dollars a year. Feature-wise LRM519 beats Tivo in ability to record DVD and connect to PC via home network. Also, LG's new baby is has a USB port that can accept external hard drives. A big plus in my opinion.

These are the highlights of the new device.
  • Network media DVR/DVD recorder, burns all major DVD formats (DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD+R double-layer)
  • Progressive Scan DVD Playback
  • Built-in Ethernet, 802.11a/g network connections
  • Compatible with MPEG, Windows Media Audio and Video (WMA/WMV), MP3 audio, and JPEG images
  • Supports Windows Media Connect for browsing and enjoying Music, Photos, and Videos over home networks from Windows XP PCs.
  • Supports Sync of recorded TV programs back to the PC for transfer to mobile devices.
  • Microsoft Electronic Programming Guide
  • 160GB hard drive, expandable via USB 2.0 external HDDs- keep slapping them on :)
  • Single-tuner, supports all services via S-Video etc. (same as retail TiVo)
  • USB connectivity to portable hard disks, media players, and card readers
LG LRM-519 is now available.
Source: LG USA

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