Saturday, November 26, 2005

Classe Audio CP-700 2-channel Preamplifier

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CP-700 preamp from Classe Audio is targeting audiophile masses with its superb specifications most noteworthy of which is separation of power supply from the rest of the box by means of separate chassis and signal pathways. Such a design, if implemented properly, brings the introduction of noise from power supply into the audio channels to a minimum or relatively nothing. Classe CP700 covers full frequency range - 20Hz to 20KHz with astounding THD of 0.012% and signal-to-noise ratio ( SNR ) of up to 120Db. Preamplifier features RCA as well as balanced XLR inputs and outputs. If thats not enough - Classe snapped a huge TFT touchscreen on the front panel that makes the component not only beautiful aesthetically, but also turns controlling the device very simple.

Source: AVReview UK
Product Page: Classe Audio CP-700 Preamplifier

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