Monday, November 21, 2005

NAD Master Series

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NAD is known for its exceptional audio electronics for many many years. With its exceptional quality, NAD's components look a tag on the old school side. I think someone at NAD realized that and proposed to accept the reality and switch to a bit modern look. In the picture above design is indeed sexy - steel panel, fins. All the bells and whistles of a good and practical design. The picture represents a specimen from Master Series, new line of home theater components that include AV Receiver, 7-channel and mono amplifiers, and universal digital disk player. Here is an excerpt from AVReview UK:
With 2mm thick steel panels, combined with attractive extruded aluminum and die cast zinc parts, the chassis on all the models has been designed to reduce air and structure born vibration from reaching any sensitive electronic components residing within. Specialized vibration damping feet employ silicon rubber to further isolate the chassis from vibration. Selected discrete devices are used in the high power stages while SMD (surface mount devices) and LSI’s (large scale integrated circuits) are used on multi-layer PCBs to help achieve state-of-the-art performance in low level and digital stages.

The Masters Series components will be available in December 2005. Priced as follows:
  • M15 Surround Preamplifier Processor £1999 ( $3431 )
  • M25 Seven-Channel Amplifier £1999 ( $3431 )
  • M3 Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier £1899 ( $3260)
  • M55 Universal DVD/CD Player £1299 ($2230)

Source: AVReview UK

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