Monday, November 28, 2005

Acoustc Energy WiFi Radio

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Internet radio is relatively new and only some people enjoy the benefits. So for those who is hooked, Acoustic Energy has a solution that allows you to listen to your favorite channels without using a computer. It is simply called WiFi Radio and offer 99% compatibility with existing streaming formats . Here is what Acoustic Energy says about the product:

This simple plug and play device links to any Wi-Fi network and broadband connection to stream both live and listen again internet radio content. Channels are listed alphabetically and the easy to use multi-function control knob makes choosing a station simpler than an FM radio! The AE Wi-Fi radio brings all the benefits of internet radio to the kitchen, bedroom or even the garden and can also play music stored on any Wi-Fi enabled PC in the home.

Of course AE’s acoustic excellence shines through making the Wi-Fi radio one of the best sounding radios on the market too.

  • Immediate access to 2,500 internet stations
  • Search by country or genre
  • Plug and play simplicity
  • Real Media, MP3 and WMA compatible
  • Play music stored on your PC or Mac
Wi-Fi Internet Radio is priced at £200 and is not yet available in US. If you gotta have one, you need to have it shipped from Europe.

Source: HiddenWires
Product Page: Acoustic Energy

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