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Doremi Labs V1-HD HDTV Recorder

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Not that you are going to buy one of these for your home theater but it will give you an idea what pros are playing with in HDTV land. V1-HD from Doremi Labs is a compressed HDTV disk recorder that is claimed to be a drop-in-replacement for any HD tape recorder. This beast can independently record and play at whopping 2K resolution. In fact, Doremi Labs, has showed V1-HD playing back 4 streams of 2K resolution on Sony SXRD 4K projector. Ok, so here are the highlights of the product:

* Compressed HD and SD video recording up to 300 Mbits/sec
* High Quality JPEG 2000 compression at 8 or 10bit (12bit optional)
* Simultaneous record and play operation (optional)
* Instant access to the recorded video, audio and time code
* Record multiple SD and HD video formats on the same storage
* Create video clips, loops and playlists from the front panel
* Smooth fast and slow motion playback
* Up to 6 channels analog and 8 channels digital audio
* 720p, 1080i, 1080p (24sf), 525 and 625 support
* Front panel video monitoring LCD screen (option)
* Frame accurate control via RS-422 using standard control protocols
* Dual Link 4:4:4, 10 or 12bit, 24p SF input (option)

And for those craving deep specs - here they are:
  • HD-SDI and SDI
  • 720p (50, 60 Hz), 1080i (50, 60 Hz)
  • 1080p (25, 30 fps), 1080 24sf,
  • 625 (50Hz) and 525 (60Hz)
  • DLNK-2K - Dual Link 4:4:4 24 SF (segmented frame) option (2048x1080)
  • Sync: Tri Level and Bi Level sync input
  • Audio: 2 Analog Audio Channels standard (up to 6 optional), AES/EBU up to 8 channels, plus embedded audio on SDI
  • Other: 2 RS-422 ports, Biphase, 100Base-T, Gigabit Ethernet option, GPI option
Read the press release at HDTV Magazine or check the product page at Doremi Labs

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