Monday, December 05, 2005

Sanyo PLV-Z4 Reviews

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Sanyo PLV-Z4 LCD ProjectorSanyo PLV-Z4 is the successor of ever successful PLV-Z2, PLV-Z3. According to all reviews that have popped up on the internet since shipping, collective opinion is that Z4 represents one of, if not the best LCD projector in $2000-$3000 price range. PLVZ4 boosts a 7000:1 contrast ratio due to dynamically adjusting dual iris and 3 high contrast 0.7 LCD panels. Newly introduced 2x zoom lens with vertical and horizontal shift makes the projector very easy to install regardless of the room size and, as one of the reviewers suggests, can be installed on a bookshelf behind the sofa and save you from the hassles ( I would also add price associated with it ) of ceiling mounting. Color reproduction have been improved but some reviewers feel that it could have been better. One feature that is collectively lacks quality is deinterlacing of standard video. Everyone suggests a external video processor for that purpose only. So, theoretically, this brings the price of the projector and the necessary equipment up by another $1000 or so for a moderate deinterlacer. Even with the deinterlacing problem, Sanyo PLV-Z4 is a steal at $2000 ( some online retailers even sell it for about $1800 ). So sit tight - here are the links to reviews that appeared on the net for PLVZ4:

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