Wednesday, December 07, 2005

20 minutes of advertisements in movie theaters

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USA Today reports that ZenithOptimedia, a forecast company, monitored an increase in in-theater advertisement spending to 18% ( $400 million) which quantifies as 20 minutes of ads before the movie starts. Yep, another bad move by movie theaters. This is a move that will most likely make things even worse because people will simply refuse to sit through ads and instead turn to renting regardless of the quality of home theater equipment. In a recent post I have mentioned and agreed with Alexander Grundner from eHomeUpgrade, that movie theaters must improve by offering more. In turn, they add more inconvenience to the experience, some, including me, think are necessary for our social life. With addition of more adds, I do not think I will keep the same opinion. I'd rather have my friends over for a movie and a great time together.
Movie theaters ship is sinking and they are adding more weight to it.

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