Monday, December 12, 2005

Jamo R 909 Open Baffle Speakers

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It is obvious that Jamo looked very carefully at Orion speaker design from Mr Siegfried Linkwitz. It might even be possible that Mr Linkwitz had a word in R 909 series because both share so much in common, namely being a 3-way dipole although using different speaker drivers. But there is one big difference between R909 and Orion design. Orion uses active crossovers and drives each driver with a separate amplifier whereas R909 is similar to a regular speaker with a passive crossover built-in with cut off frequencies at 250Hz and 2000Hz.
Being a big fan of open baffle design I am biased and cannot really judge about R909 rather than saying they must be really good. Technical specs are nothing but real perfection, for example, frequency range coverage spans from very low of 25Hz to 20Khz. Even Jamo puts these speakers above their cabinet models. The company claims that these speakers eliminate coloration and reverberation and designed by following the theory that speakers should not have cabinets.
But R909 is priced not to fit budgets of most mortals: £7500 ( about $13000 ). Some may argue that price is just right but not for me. I think Orion by Linkwitz, the inspiration ( and the theory ) for all open baffle designs, costs from $6000 to $8000 with amplifier, crossover, and cables. Orions looks less sexy, but if one's demanding ear developed up to this level, the look should be the least of the worries.

Source: AVReview UK
Product Page: Jamo R909

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