Thursday, December 15, 2005

JVC UX-HD1-M Mini System with hard drive

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JVC UX-HD1-M Mini System with Hard Drive
As far as I know - JVC UX-HD1-M Mini System would be the first one in the market ( don't get your hopes to high - Japanese market only) that embeds a hard drive and an ethernet port. This thing can connect to the Internet and download music from ANYTIME music store ( iTunes of Japan ) or just stream the files from you PC. Also, UX-HD1-M has a huge color LCD screen for managing 40Gb of music collection and displaying album art. If you still have a MD player, you can copy music from HDD to MD, or even better, the system has a front USB port so you can connect your ALNEO portable. I can assume that any other portable player will work with the USB unless JVC went real nasty on it.

Source: AkihabaraNews
Product Page: JVC UX-HD1-M

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