Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Meridian Audio G91A DVD Player

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Here is another 'spensive piece from Meridian Audio - G91A DVD player with 1080p (1920x1080) support. It is priced at €6900 ( about $8200 ). For this price you would expect everything to be included, right? Wrong. This thing does not support SACD and the CD layer of DualDisk. It does not support anything above 480p and 576p on component input.
So here is what you get for $8200 - playback of DVD-Video and DVD-Audio, CD, MP3, and Video CD ( like we really need it ). There are 3 analog stereo inputs, which are unbalanced and digital S/PDIF: two stereo coax inputs and two stereo Toslink optical inputs. Audio outputs are analog 6-channel RCA, and 6-channel bitstream over HDMI. Note that this unit does not have a balanced XLR output which is kinda expected from an audiophile component. However, the company says they are available if preferred which means paying more.
On the video side, things are as follows:2 composite input and 1 output, 3 S-Video inputs and 1 output, 1 component input and 1 output, and and HDMI output. Ok, what I do not understand is availability of excessive number of composite and S-Video inputs and even more the outputs. Does Meridian really think that I would buy an $8000 dollar device and use a composite video output to my $300 27" RCA TV? And where are the digital video inputs?

Source: Meridian Audio

Posted by Mike at 5:18 PM

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