Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Denon S-101 Review

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Chief Audioholic Gene DellaSala reviews Denon S-101. He covers his experience from unpacking to DVD transport. In conclusion Mr DellaSala compares it with Bose 321 system that, you obviously guessed, is inferior in quality and feature set. Review is very thorough with tests of few DVD and CD titles. Here is what he had to say on S101 in the conclusion:
"The Denon S-101 makes a gallant effort of delivering all of the major surround formats into a 2 speaker + subwoofer, easy to use, and cosmetically appealing platform. While it can by no means replace what a good discrete 5.1 speaker system could achieve in terms of surround envelopment and dynamics, its value, ease of setup, and space savings make it an attractive package for people dabbling in home theater without making a big commitment in space, money, and the learning curve of setting up more elaborate alternative systems."
And I can only agree with him - while $999 can buy a decent audio system that will outperform Denon, it will lack many features and convenience that S-101 provides.

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