Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Designtechnica: Denon S-301 Review

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Designtechnica review Denon S-301. They are happy with every aspect of it but the price and a little glitch that freezes the device when iPod is disconnected. Here is what they say:
At $1,599, the S-301 is very expensive for a compact music system. Yes, it sounds terrific and yes, it does what it promises to do very well. It's a great solution for anyone who wants convincing surround sound without the hassle of rear speakers. At that price, though, I'd like to see HD Radio and satellite radio compatibility along with the SD card slot. The iPod bling is a big plus but maybe not worth what it cost Denon to license. The S-101, a lower-power, non-iPod-ready version, lists for $999. But without the power features of the S-301 it'?s just not the same.

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