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Denon S-301 Review

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CNET has a review of Denon s-301 home theater system. First of all, S301 got the Editors Choice scoring 8.7 ( Excellent ). The best part of Denon S-301 is its great performance for a home theater in a box. According to Steve Guttenberg, it does not sound like and HTIB, has a convincing surround sound with its 3 speakers, and is perfect for listening audio:
The ultimate compliment we can pay any HTIB is that it doesn't sound like one. The Denon S-301 is in that rarified group, so we weren't afraid to tackle The Ring Two DVD. The film is loaded with sudden dynamic effects that made us jump out of our seats, but the scene where Naomi Watts and her little boy are threatened by a rampaging herd of deer was especially scary. The synergy between the satellites and the subwoofer was superb, dialogue sounded beautifully balanced, and the score's deep bass rumbles added a visceral quality to the film's ominous atmosphere.
As you already know, S-301 ( and its little brother S-101 ) have native connectivity to iPod as well as a USB port for "other" portable players. According to the review, portable connectivity worked like a charm with iPod, Samsung YP-U1 and a Sony PSP. More, Denon S-301 plays music off of Lexar USB thumb drive and a Memory Stick connected via a USB flash-memory reader. Isn't that cool. Just stick your memory key, or even hard drive in there and press play. You can even install an external hard drive next to S-301 and have all your music under.

Basically, the review proves that Denon has gone above the regular home theater in a box solution and brought a product with solid quality to the market. It is a little bit pricey at $1500 but you do get what you pay for.

Source: CNET

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