Tuesday, November 08, 2005

BenQ PE8720 DLP Projector

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BenQ's latest DLP is PE8720. The company claims with their Advanced Continuous Electronic IRIS and proprietary Senseye image processing technologies projector reaches 10000:1 contrast ratio. Well, it is not full time 10000:1 but for certain images. And for darker parts in the movie light intensity is dropped for better viewing experience. PE8720 has a DarkChip 3 720p (1280x720) DMD, supports up to 1080i video signals, has an HDMI (HDCP), Component (BNCx5 and RCAx3), S-Video and composite. Lens is motorized and can be shifted and focused from the convenience of your throne. PE8720 projector is reported to make only 23Db of noise - whisper quiet. Price is £5999 ( about $10500 ).

Source: BIOS Magazine

Posted by Mike at 1:16 PM

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