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Marantz VP8600 DarkChip 2 720p DLP

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Marantz announced a new midrange DLP projector with HD2+ DarkChip 2 720p ( 1280x720 ) DMD. VP8600 features Faroudja DCDi and has a 10-bit video processing by Gennum. The projector has a 2500:1 contrast ratio due to its OSRAM 200Watt lamp that is claimed to burn for 4000 hours. Optical design features a high accuracy manual 1.34 zoom lens with a vertical shift. There is no mention on the manufacturer of the lens otherwise they would be screaming about it. Color wheel is 6-segment 5x speed. VP8600 has 6 inputs - one DVI ( with HDCP ), one 5 RCA connector component , one 3 RCA connector component, RGB , an S-Video and Composite inputs all located on the projector. In addition, VP8600 has a RS232c connector for control and 2 12Volt triggers for controlling external devices. For those who only has devices with HDMI output, there is a HDMI-DVI adapter.
Marantz claims that the projector is quiet due to its 12cm fan, a fluid bearing motor and all aluminum enclosure. The suggested price is 525,000 Yen ( about $4440 ) and will go on sale in Japan in December. And this is the press pre-CEDIA press release from Marantz:

VP8600: Ideal for Lower-Cost Custom Installations
With its breakthrough $5,999 suggested retail price, the new Marantz VP8600 high-definition DLP projector is ideal for “budget” custom installations and do-it-yourself home theater builders who want reference-quality video performance at a reduced overall cost. The VP8600’s extremely quiet operation adds to its appeal in lower-cost installations, where budget constraints often prohibit enclosure of the projector in either a separate room or sound-proofed box.

The Marantz VP8600 incorporates the leading-edge Texas Instruments HD2+ DMD™ chip and other refinements to provide superlative high-definition DLP projector performance, along with a host of useful features that offer exceptional installation and calibration flexibility. A newly developed 1280 x 720 pixel panel and advanced DLP™ technology provide incredible sharpness, clarity and color accuracy, with 650 ANSI lumens brightness. Image quality is further enhanced by the use of a new lamp, which delivers an astounding 4,000 hours of bulb life. The VP8600 features progressive scan output with true 3:2 pulldown detection and utilizes 10-bit digital gamma processing. It is compatible with virtually every digital and analog video program source, and for greater versatility and installation flexibility, it includes a DVI digital video input with HDCP (High-Definition Content Protection), to accept the signal from a DTV set-top box, DV camcorder or other digital video source and maintain a pure digital signal path from source to display. In addition, the VP8600 provides VGA, HD component video, S-video, composite video and analog RGB connections.

It is funny that Japanese price is about $1600 less than US price. I though things are much more expensive in Japan. I guess we have to wait for Marantz's planned show at the Electronic House Expo the second week of November 2005 in Anaheim, CA. We will know when to expect and what would be the real price.

Source: Marantz Japan

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