Monday, January 09, 2006

Denon to Upgrade AVR-5805 and AVR-4806

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Denon announced at CES 2006 a $500 software upgrade for AVR-5805 and AVR-4806. After the upgrade, AVR-5805 receiver will be able to switch analog video signals to HDMI output and upscale those signals to 1080i. In addition, HDMI inputs and outputs will be able handle 1080p. One thing I do not see clearly is the fact that HDMI inputs and outputs can handle 1080p but analog signal can only be scaled up to 1080i. On AVR-4806, the upgrade provides additional scaler capabilities and the ability to pass through 1080p video.
In addition to video processing both receivers get the Ethernet firmware upgrade that will ensure devices can play WMV format files, be compatible with Microsoft's PlaysForSure program which means you can subscribe and download music. Another addition in Ethernet upgrade will provide seamless connectivity for streaming music from DLNA devices, such as Windows XP PC, Escient FireBall, etc. Internet Radio is also thrown into the package so you can listen to them. So far, Denon AVR-4306 was the only device to have all the connectivity features that Ethernet upgrade provides.
The full upgrade will available in March, but if you decide to go for the Ethernet upgrade only, it will cost you only $200 an will be available in January for download on Denon's web site. Denon claims that you can install it yourself using a PC via the Ethernet port.

Source: Denon USA

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