Friday, February 03, 2006

Blueado Mini 5 Series

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I am a fan of small devices and that includes HTPCs. Today I I4U News posted on a mini HTPC from Blueado. Obvious reaction is to check their web site first to see what is it all about. I really got disappointed with the amount of information they have on the web site regarding technical specs. So m5e is a new media center device that has a 200 GB hard disk, a DVD writer, has a DVI,VGA, and composite video out. Audio is said to be Dolby Digital and DTS capable but no info on the connector type - coax, optical, discrete RCA jacks for channel.
I would love to suggest to peeps at Blueado to review what is presented to the potential buyer. I would also love them to succeed since the lines of products they offer are promising. By judging from photos all, 500, 700, and mini series look appealing. We just need MORE INFO. So, peeps at Blueado, send me an email at theaterathome at gmail dot com, convince me that $1500 for the device is worth it. I'd love to know more. And on the sidenote, this guys are buy your old Tivo/PVR for $100 towards the purchase of their product. Don't you like that?

Source: I4U News

Posted by Mike at 10:11 AM

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