Friday, January 20, 2006

Marantz ZR6001SP / ZC4001 Multi-Room Audio System

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Marantz has presented their implementation of multi room audio distribution system with its DAvED (Digital Audio via Electrical Distribution) components that utilize existing electrical wiring to "stream" music to other rooms. On display were ZR6001SP 7-channel amplifier that also can "serve" music over copper to ZC4001 "clients". The technology behind this is called PLAC (Power Line Audio Communication) that provides plug-n-play functionality between components as soon as plugged in to the electrical outlet and guarantees 44.1kHz/16-bit CD-quality audio. The client side has the ability to take full control over the server using the remote thanks to bi-directional capabilities of PLAC communication. The 2-pieces system - ZR6001SP and ZC4001 - will be available in Spring at $1299 with the option to purchase addition ZC4001 components for $329 each.

Source: Sound&Vision

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