Monday, January 30, 2006

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SnapStream announced launch of aimed for software developers who like to extend the functionality of SnapStream products. The web site is based on wiki and, as expected from any wiki, is open for the community to add information. The convenience for this type of web site is that programmer can lookup information, add information for followers, and leave notes for others to respond without relying on already busy developers at the company to respond. At present, web site has downloads for Beyond Media and BeyondTV APIs, Beyond Media SDK, article on best practices, and third party guide. As software engineer, I applaud SnapStream's effort to centralize the development and make terms such "lack of information" or "undocumented" obsolete. Also, it is really great to see an engineer be a part of a company blog.

Source: SnapStream Blog

Posted by Mike at 1:54 PM

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