Monday, February 06, 2006

Marantz SA7001 and SA7001KI SACD Players

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Marantz SA7001 SACD PlayerI have reported on Marantz SA7001 SACD Player back in October but that was the announcement for Japanese market. As expected, Marantz is ready to release SA7001 and SA7001KI in Europe.
There some very interesting engineering tricks in both players. One of them is display off to minimize any unwanted frequencies emitting from it. Other developments that put these devices in audiophlie category are shielded subsystems that have separate of power supplies for each of them. The SA7001KI is taken further from the standard SA7001 by selection of better components one of them being a toroidal transformer reported to have higher efficiency.
Suggested price for SA7001 is £430 and £600 for SA7001

Source: AVReview UK

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