Friday, February 10, 2006

Dell W5001C 50-inch Plasma Review

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CNET reviewed Dell W5001C 50-inch plasma TV and scores it 6.5 ( or Good ) out 10.

The good: Accurate color decoding; relatively deep blacks; independent memory per input; excellent connectivity, including two HDMI inputs; versatile PIP feature; anti-burn-in mode; optional detachable speakers.

The bad: Black and near-black scenes exhibit substantial false-contouring artifacts and noise.

The bottom line: Although promising on paper, in the real world the Dell W5001C's problems handling darker material prevent it from outperforming most other 50-inch plasmas.
After reading the review I am certain that at $3599 ( price as of today, regular is $3,799 ) one would be better off getting a Vizio P50HD [ manufacturer product page ] and save a grand.

Source: CNET | Dell W5001C

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