Thursday, February 09, 2006

Wireworld Flat Cables - From HDMI to Power

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Imagine all of the hassles of running a cable through the walls after you finished that remodeling. Get a drywall guy, then get a painter, or do it yourself. Not really pleasant and sometimes leaves undesired marks on the walls. In my opinion Wireworld has a solution for this particular problem by offering flat cables ranging from HDMI and DVI to power. So with a little imagination you could run these cables on the wall and ceiling without much visibility. Of course there is a premium to pay for flats but you will be up an running in an afternoon without strange guys drilling here and there.
HDMI and DVI cables can reach length of 20M ( 65.6 ft ) and is probably sufficient for most of the installs and are capable of handling 1080p signal due to the density of the shield.
Wireworld also offers flat Insta-Wire power and audio cables.

Check out WireWorld site for more information

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