Tuesday, June 27, 2006

HD-DVD Blu-Ray Unification?

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Historically opposites in a war often come to a common table to discuss steps forward. Sometimes one of the sides is desperate to wrap the whole thing up and merge with the "enemy" to cut the losses. That is the case with Toshiba. According to recent reports, it is loosing $200 per HD-DVD player and yet to face more problems with the rival Blu-Ray in the upcoming stiff competition.
This could be the very reason the CEO of Toshiba himself came forward stating that the company is not against unification of formats and will work towards it. Does this mean they see a failure or they have a good heart and trying to make it easy on the consumer?
I can only agree with Gordon Kelly of TrustedReviews.com: " I don'’t give a monkey's whether HD-ray is a joyous". As he mentions, same war had happened with DVDs and it did not stop manufacturers to come up with universal players and that is what's going to happen this time.
Lets wait an see.

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