Thursday, June 22, 2006

Denon S-81 Personal Audio System

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Denon's success with its S line of HTIBs is continued with an addition of S-81 personal audio system. While S-81 shares the familiar design with other S-series, it only supports audio playback. This little system sports MP3s and WMA decoders and can display tags on its display. As with all recent Denon products, S-81 is native with iPod with optional dock. Denon also threw in an AM/FM tuner in case you run out of fresh music.

S-81 comes with two 2-way bass reflex type speakers enclosed in metal powder mix cabinet that has low vibration characteristics. Midrange driver is built on new Denon Dual Layer technology that guarantees precise sound from a driver as little as 12 cm ( 4.73 "). Speakers connect to the main unit with a proprietary jack which means no other speakers will work out of the box with the system. Some hacking will be required if you want to use built-in amplifier with your own set of speakers in case the original pair blows.

Besides speaker outputs, S-81 has 2 stereo inputs, 1 stereo output, an antenna jack, proprietary iPod jack, and digital optical out.

S-81 will be available in Japan at the end of July 2006 for unspecified price.

Press Release - Denon Japan

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