Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Onkyo TX-SA604 7.1-Channel AV Receiver

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Every month we get a good amount of new AV Receivers. And Onkyo's TX-SA604 7.1 receiver is no surprise. It replaces TX-SA603, a successful prior art that according to Onkyo's word received lots of accolades. Besides the regular AV Receiver stuff, TX-SA604 adds an HDMI output that can fo up to 1080p. It also accepts 1080p on the component input.
The notable highlights of this particular model are:
  • Ability to create surround sound impression with only front speakers with Onkyo's Theater-Dimensional technology.
  • Audyssey2EQ automatic room correction that had received good feedback from the reviews.
  • 7.1 audio inputs for accepting DVD Audio. Reason is DVD Audio is not allowed to be delivered in digital form thus the input. [RIAA crap].
  • Native iPod connectivity with optional DS-A1 dock
Price: 84,000 Yen ( about $731). Available July 29 in Japan.
Source: AkihabaraNews.com
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