Monday, June 19, 2006

Anthem AVM-50 Audio Video Processor

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Anthem released 3 new preamp/processors in their AVM series ( 30/40/50 ). But only AVM-50 (shown) includes a true video processor built on top of Gennum GF9350 VXP Digital Image Processor. While not the best, Gennum is quite a good competitor to the other brands and recently I have seen more companies use it.

All processors support multiple zones at least for audio. AVM40 and AVM50 can also send video to the next room, while AVM50 is claimed to transfer 1080p/60Hz over component.
The AVM40 and AVM50 have 4 HDMI inputs and can convert S-Video and Component to be output on HDMI.

Audio specs are obviously impressive with very low distortions and wide frequency response.

Price is $4699 for AVM50, $3699 for AVM40, and $2999 for AVM30.

Here is a nice comparison chart of all the features of all processors from Anthem [PDF]

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