Thursday, June 08, 2006

Granite Audio - Literally

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Granite coutertops, granite floors, granite this, and granite that. Has anyone ever thought of making an electronics component made of granite? Sho'nuff - has a full line of pre-amps, amps, and CD players with granite crust. The line is closed with highly polished non-resonant acrylic-granite speakers.
While specifications of the components look just audiophile-right, the only thing that comes to mind "as a buyer" is the look. Basically, they are shooting for not only sonic perfection but for Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF, WAF, ...). Oh, not to forget their cables - they have a bunch for cable-freaks, and no, they aren't covered with granite though it would not be such bad idea. Just kidding.

Posted by Mike at 1:26 PM

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