Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Marantz VP-1C1s1 1080p DLP Projector

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Marantz introduced VP-1C1s1, its first native 1080p DLP projector in Japan with a disturbing price tag of about $15,000 ( 1,800,000 Yen ). The projector features latest 0.95" DMD chip from Texas Instruments with output of only 700 Lumen ( or 600 in eco mode ). However, contrast ratio is pretty high at 6500:1 [compare to VP12S4's 4500:1 ]. I am a bit sceptical about numbers and here is why: since it looks like Marantz reused the optical engine and the 0.95 DMD is bigger than the 720p 0.80 DMD it is obvious that light output should be less with the same 200W lamp. It is just an assumption and is based on not verified facts so we will wait and see what reviewers say.
Video inputs consist of 2 x HDMI, 2x Component, 1x Composite and 1x S-Video. Color wheel is 7 segment spinning at 6x the speed.
Video processing is 12 bit ( most likely GENNUM processing) on the front side and 10bit in the DMD electronics.
Other than the high price and the low light output, the projector seems to be fine in specifications. No word when it will be brought to US yet.

Source: Akihabara News

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