Thursday, March 30, 2006

Canon's new LCoS Projector

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While there are no details on the name, price and availability of Canon SX50 successor, we do know that it still, as its predecessor, features 1400x1050 4:3 panels, boosts 3500 lumen and has a 2000:1 contrast ratio. Canon's SX50 was marketed as a multimedia projector, but the new one, according to Akihabara News, is for home theater use as well.
One feature that caught my attention is automatic color correction. This is a clear indication that Canon leverages its vast knowledge and technology of image acquisition [ aka digital cameras ] in front projection. This is something that I have never seen to be done by big names in video projection business. Of course, ISF will not be happy to see this feature on every display device, but it will sure be appreciated by the consumer who will save the time and money spent for calibration. Canon also utilizes its optics knowledge ( where most manufacturers simply do not have their own for understandable reasons) in so called AISYS system that increases the contrast ratio without dropping brightness without using a large lamp thus reducing the size of the projector. You can read about that at Canon's AISYS Optical System. All of the above does not mean that picture quality is going to be outstanding since that is where Canon does not have ( or does not want to have ) the experience.
I wish companies such as Canon, or Nikon, or Leica that have years of image acquisition and optics experience partner with companies that specialize in video processing to produce the ultimate display product.

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