Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Panasonic PX600 Series 58-INCH Plasma Displays

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Big day for Panasonic: launching 2 58-inch plasmas and announcing the ship date for DMP-BD10 Blu-Ray player.
TH-58PX600U and TH-58PX60U feature 1366x768 plasma panels. Both models sport dual HDMI inputs with EZ-Sync, proprietary control interface for communicating among Panasonic devices. According to Panasonic one press of a button will turn on all components assuming they are made by Panasonic.
Both models are equipped with NTSC/ATSC/QAM(2) tuners, SD Memory Card slot. TH-58PX600U also comes with a CableCard slot.
Now the best part that surprisingly not covered or mentioned by others is the ability of both panels to display 29 billion color. The previous generation  was able to display only about 16 billion colors which means that the color gradation is going to be significantly better. To experience the same you can switch your monitor color reproduction to 16-bit and see how bad it is compared to 24/32-bit. Another significant improvement that is actually the "sidefect" of increased color reproduction is the contrast ratio peaking at 10000:1 with the range start at 3000:1.
Panasonic proves yet another time that it leads the market not due to its marketing but the quality of the products it makes [plasma that is - I am not talking anything else].
Anyways, if you are not waiting for the 65" 1080p plasma, TH-58PX600U and TH-58PX60U are a must to consider. Suggested prices are moderate and think very well decided: $5999 for TH-58PX600U and $5499 for TH-58PX60U

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