Monday, March 27, 2006

Runco Goes Collector's Edition

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When a display company offers a collector's edition of the product you would naturally think the things are not as well. Here is what Sam Runco says:
This is the first time we've ever offered a Collector'’s edition of one of our projectors". It's an honor and a pleasure to see the excitement this project has generated. This limited edition package bundles a number of perks to commemorate our longest running projector.
To make things even worse they offer an 26" LCD display with the purchase of $15,000. You better do cause 720p projectors, even the best ones, are cheap these days - around $5000, $6000 for a two box solutions. This is an indication that home theater market is becoming more consumer oriented rather than being driven by dealers. People start to understand theverythingyrthing that shines is gold in this industry. If someone can pay $10,000 and buy a Sony VPL-VW100 ( Ruby ) or pay $7000 and buy Dwin Transvision 4 with DarkChip3 how is it expected that $15000 will buy a single chip DLP?
Did I mention that Runco has millions of trademarks and no patents whatsoever?
What a bunch, eh?
Sorry Sam - that's how I feel.

Read the press release at HomeToys

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